Pace Lattin is a well respected voice in the field of marketing

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Pace Lattin is a well respected voice in the field of marketing and advertising online. This is because he was one of the very first people to call for ethical standards in online advertising and marketing, as well as protections for children. This was a crucial development in the history of online advertising specifically, and the Internet generally. His fight against fraud and for truth in advertising is on-going and continues to this day. Today Pace Lattin holds a number of titles and positions with companies and organizations in the marketing, advertising, and affiliate industries—all of which help him to speak on these issues with authority. Pace Lattin’s writings have been featured in publications like ClickZ, Technorati, ADOTAS, and MediaPost—as well as other prominent industry publications. even named Pace Lattin as one of the “top ten more influential people on the Internet”.

Pace Lattin is a leading reformer who works for ethical standards in marketing online. This means fighting compliance issues and fraud in the industry. Pace Lattin has long known that credibility is everything—so when one company is committing fraud in their advertising and getting away with it, it hurts everyone else too. Pace Lattin is today the Editor-in-Chief of a website and newsletter he co-founded called Performance Marketing Insider, which is very popular amongst industry insiders. Performance Marketing Insider is a vital source of news and recent developments for those individuals who want to stay abreast of the latest movements in the marketing, advertising, and affiliate industries online. If you want to know what is going on with these industries, there really is no better source than Performance Marketing Insider. This is why dozens of industry CEO’s have nothing but good things to say about him—because he has fought hard for the industry’s best interests.

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